About us

Pharmatopes Vietnam, found in 2011, begins operating as a contractor for manufacturing of radiopharmaceutical products for Vietnam hospitals. Focus is on the production of quality radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic in Nuclear Medicine. 

Pharmatopes Vietnam reaches, in just two years, the goal of having introduced in the Vietnam radiopharmacy market. Pharmatopes Vietnam then expanded to the radiation safety equipment, staffs training, hotlab floor planning and the development of new nuclear medicine department. After three years of operating Pharmatopes is now well known as the company providing quality radiopharmaceutical, radiation safety products, and services in radiopharmacy. It rapidly becomes the reference Company for radiopharmaceutical services in the Radiopharmacy. It also becomes the point of reference in training technologists and radiopharmacists. 

In addition, Pharmatopes Vietnam performs customization services in supplying radiopharmaceutical and radiation safety products to meet the need of customers. It is also specialized in the supplying of dose calibrator, radiation monitor and radiation dosimeter. 

The Research and Development Division of the Pharmatopes Vietnam is focused on strengthening the scientific and technological bases of the company, favoring its domestically competitiveness. The Division has the strategic aim to develop innovative solutions, in a timely manner, to meet the rapidly changing demands of Vietnam’s market. Customer Care has also been essential to the rapid growth and success of Pharamtopes Vietnam and believes that a successful relationship with Clients, begins and does not end with the installment of an instrument. Full support is offered by staff, from training, marketing, troubleshooting, QC to health and safety. 

Today Pharmatopes Vietnam is firmly established as one of the leading Radiopharmaceutical Companies in Vietnam and has established the first in a series of branch offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. 

Pharmatopes Vietnam’s goal is to provide new and established Nuclear Medicine department with premium quality product of radiopharmaceuticals and radiation equipment to meet every needs of its customers.